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Please visit our new blog ,
As we sat and talked we were reminded of how many times God has stepped into our lives and provided a miracle. This blog will be the opportunity for us to write these down for the next generation, and hopefully inspire you in your walk with God. Come by every Tuesday for a new post.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The year was 1977. 
We were:


Enginer Bob and Conductor Debbie 
"We're going up to Heaven on the Happy Day Express
The letters on the engine spell J E S U S
The guard call "All for Heaven!"
We gladly answer YES
We're going up to Heaven on the Happy Day Express"

We were planning a large event at the military chapel for their Easter Outreach.

We had a beautiful little girl who was two and a son only 2 months old.
For the program we wanted a backdrop so I designed a banner using  5 queen size sheets sewn together.

Bob and his ventriloquist dummy, Brother Sincere, at the end of the program.
The lady was the head of the childrens programs for the chapel.
This is a small section of the banner.
It was a huge undertaking to do the quilting there was,
a train engine (with the Letters JESUS)
coal car
 pasanger car with windows flaps on the windows to to use for puppets
and a caboose.

On the morning plannned for some other ladies to come by to help quilt the finished cars onto the sheets I woke up so sick to my stomach. I had to have a neighbor watch our children.   I called the ladies to cancel and they insisted on coming anyway.  "just sleep it off on the couch and we will do the work."  I don't even remember answering the door. I guess I was really out of it with a horrid headache, vomiting and a fever so they called my husband and then took me to the military hospital.

I do remember being on a gurney, and a few words like issolation and 107.
My husband says when  he arrived it looked really bad, they had padded the door so it wouldn't shut because the sound made me cry out in pain.What  he didn't understand the peace he had.
Here was his wife, the mother of his two babies, 
possibly dying 
yet feeling that God was in control.

He had called some friends and they experienced the same feeling, trying to pray and just a peace that God was in control.

Spinal taps were done and they came out normal even though they were sure it was Spinal menigitis.
I was put in a room, on IV's and they tried to get the fever down.

Hyperpyrexia is an excessive and unusual elevation of set body temperature greater than or equal to 41.1 °C (106 °F), or extremely high fever. Such a high temperature is considered a medical emergency. It differs from hyperthermia in that in hyperthermia the body temperature is too high above the set point, whereas in hyperpyrexia the body's temperature regulation mechanism sets the normal body temperature too high. It is very often fatal

I had actually lost use of my left side.  Three days later, YES I said THREE, the doctor came in to the room and said "I don't know what you had, We didn't do anything but ice baths, asprin and liquids, but you are back to normal and can go home."

God is a God of Miricales and sometimes we don't even have to ask if it was a coincidence or accident. 
We know God was in control.

Blessings, Debbie

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



PSALMS 33:20

We wait in hope for the LORD;
he is our help and our shield.

One evening when my children were little, I was visiting my parents and went home around 8:00 pm.  My husband was a firefighter and I would often have dinner with them instead of eating alone.

To get to our house there was one major intersection with a stoplight.  I consider myself a cautious driver but had often just trusted the green light.  This night my light was green but as I approached the light I slowed down to almost a COMPLETE STOP.  For no reason really.  Suddenly a driver ran the red light going about 70mph.  After he sped by and I managed to get through my green light I had to pull my car over.  I was shaking and crying and thanking God for protecting my little family.

This was NOT ACCIDENTALLY.  This experience has affected the way I drive to this day.  I always look to see if the other driver is aware of his light!!! And now with people talking on their cell phones and texting, it's even more important. Thank you Jesus for looking after us that night.


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Monday, August 1, 2011

In The Storm

Life is filled with opportunities to learn about faith.

 As we live this messy thing called life we must look at experiences and find the lesson that God intends to teach.  I cannot explain why bad things happen to good people and why some prayer requests seem to go unanswered. 

We experienced a great loss in our church family recently.  A precious 6 year old girl, Annie, died after a 10 month battle with a rare brain cancer.  She, her parents and her sister fought hard against the disease that took her little body.  The funeral was such a testimony of love and the compassion of Christ.  This family was shaken but not defeated.  You may ask why I’m bringing this up - - - it may seem insignificant the stories shared through our blog – not accidentally and you may question what difference does it make if God seemingly answers prayers about a pair of capris and a dress for me when a child dies - - -
Well, the only answer I have is – what do good people do when bad things happen?  Our pastor addressed our church with this statement the Sunday after the funeral service and I felt a rush of peace.  Satan is roaming this earth striking down people – how do we handle these situations in our daily lives? That is the question. 

I can’t explain life or death, happiness or agony – however, I can say this; God is the ONLY answer for our pain or suffering and he is the only one that can wipe our tears and fill our lives with joy again.

I want to share an experience in my life; not accidentally!
My sister Ann & I were traveling to see our 81 year old aunt get married!  Our 83 year old mother was the maid of honor – it was early May 2010. 

The drive to West Plains, MO from our home in Kansas City, KS is about 5 hours.  We left after work and started the trip listening to K-Love (Christian radio!!).  We were singing along on the Cable channel and didn’t notice the terrible weather rolling in.  

The sky became very dark and clouds were tumbling above us.  The storm was all around us.  The lightening seemed to be on every side – we were frightened.  We had just passed through Clinton, MO which is only about 1 ½ hours into the 5 hour trip ahead.  We turned on a local radio station just in time to hear the tornado warning – the storm was in Clinton, MO and heading south.  The storm was literally just behind us.  We contemplated pulling off the road and waiting out the storm but agreed maybe we should keep going.  The clouds were yellow-green and everything seemed still outside our windows.  My car has a sun roof and we could see the rolling sky above the car.  Honestly, it looked like we were in the eye of the storm – we could see the threatening weather all around us.  We kept driving.  We went through Collins, MO and then Springfield, MO.  Not a drop of rain on our car!  The radio kept warning of strong winds, hail, torrential rain and tornado clouds – we kept driving.  We turned east from Springfield, MO and headed down 60 Highway – the radio now warned of threatening weather heading toward AVA, MO and West Plains, MO.  The storm was following us and leading us– still not a drop of rain on our car.  We could see the wind, rain and exploding clouds all around us; but we were in the calm of the storm.  We talked about the situation and thought maybe this was how Moses felt crossing the river on dry land with the children of Israel!  We called our mother to give an update on our location and they were taking cover in the basement – tornadoes were touching down all around them – hail the size of quarters had hit just west of them.  We were headed right for it.  Ann & I prayed for safety and wisdom – should we keep going or stop for cover?  After a few minutes we decided that God had brought us this far and we needed to trust him for safe travel.  Even in the darkest night, the roughest storm can be an opportunity for us to draw strength and trust in the safety of his arms.  We made it safe and sound to moms that night and shared our experience with everyone at the wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and we were thankful to have shared that day with Ruby and John. 

Perhaps the stories that we share on this blog seem insignificant or trivial to some.  

I feel that each experience of life gives us an opportunity to witness the love of Christ in our hearts.

Annie’s parents lifted our hearts at the funeral of their little one.  What a testimony of love and trust – I know that bad things do happen to good people and perhaps the real purpose of life is to learn how to trust even through the storms.
 Peace be with you all even if you are in the middle of your own storm today. Lori

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