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Please visit our new blog ,
As we sat and talked we were reminded of how many times God has stepped into our lives and provided a miracle. This blog will be the opportunity for us to write these down for the next generation, and hopefully inspire you in your walk with God. Come by every Tuesday for a new post.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The wrong address

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

 It was Sunday, September 15,1968.   Bob had graduated from high school and moved to Kansas City to attend the 6 weeks, hands on, part of a computer class he had taken over the summer. The town he lived in was 300 miles from KC.

 I was 15 he was 17.

He was renting a small apartment and didn't have a car in town yet.

That Sunday morning he looked up a church in the yellow pages and called a cab.  He "thought" this was the closest to his apartment, it was across town though.

That morning our pastor asked him to sing.  He had just placed 2nd in nationals for our denominations  talent search.

Wow what a beautiful voice!  The new guy was so cute,  but I NEVER got the attention from ANY guy.  I was a skinny kid and the cute girl in church always claimed any new guys.

I saw her walk down the isle in her green checked dress and thought what a sweet smile. I asked someone her name but she said that Debbie was dating someone...

That evening Bob came back to church even though it wasn't the closest.  He sat in the back with all the other teens.  The girl he sat next to was the one who had said I had a boyfriend!  Oh well,

Then fate stepped in!

She had to go up front and play the piano and we ended up setting next to each other.  When he found out I wasn't dating he says he was so glad! Imagine my heart flipping summersaults at this moment.  When it was time to read scripture he offered me his bible and put his hand over mine.  Quite a slick move don't you think?  Well that did it, I was a goner.

Bob and I dated for three years before we got married a year after I finished school.
This year we celebrate out 40th anniversary.

December 1968

I KNOW that when he accidentally chose the wrong church it was actually God bring us together.  NOT an accident

Blessings, Debbie

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A gift from above!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Part 2

Well the loss of Gregs job changed many things for our family.  No extra money and barely enough to cover our monthly bills.  It was rough to say the least.

Mother’s Day approached and our daughter’s birthday. I needed a dress for a special event at the hospital where I worked. Greg handed me a $20.00 bill and said “this is it”. I asked my sister Ann to go with me to look for a dress. We walked into Macy’s and there it was – the “perfect” dress, AND on the $11.99 clearance rack! I tried it on and it fit like a glove. I was so excited but as I left the dressing room I spotted a beautiful pair of black capri pants – just my daughter’s style and size. I went to the cashier and asked for the price on the capris - $9.99! I couldn’t believe it – I COULD GET BOTH!!
I was so thrilled I was ready to check out. The cashier scanned the capri pants $9.99 - then she scanned the dress $45.99 – OH NO! I told the cashier that I would pass on the dress and just get the pants for my daughter’s birthday. She said, “Let me check on this”. She scanned it again and the same - $45.99. She asked me to go get another item off the clearance rack for a scanning number – I grabbed the first t-shirt I saw – she scanned in the item and asked if $4.99 would be OK for the dress. What?? I didn’t understand – the dress is $4.99? I asked. Yes she answered calmly.

I started crying – the clerk looked at me with a tender expression and said, “I really feel that you should have both items”. I pulled out the $20.00 bill and with shaking hands passed it to the clerk. She paused for a moment and asked, “Are you OK?” I explained the situation with my husband’s job and the lack of money to buy “extras”. I explained that God had allowed me to find a dress and still be able to bless my daughter with a birthday gift. By this time the clerk, my sister and I were all crying. She came around the counter and hugged me – she said, “My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I’ve felt that I needed to show people love today”. I looked at her with amazement – and answered,
“I am a nurse practitioner and take care of patients with breast cancer”! Now the clerk was sobbing.
As we left Macy’s with the dress and the capri pants in hand – I looked to the sky – Thank you God! Not only did the $20.00 cover both items but left just enough for a Route 44 Sonic!!
Not accidentally!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Life changing phone call and a special patient

Ecclesiastes 3:1  To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.
Part I

The year 2010 was a time of incredible growth in my life. I learned that there are no accidents or coincidences; that in fact, we experience events during this journey called life for a specific purpose. These events may trigger personal growth, increase in faith, lessons in patience, acceptance of change, love for others or building courage to face fear. I would like to share some of the amazing gifts that I have received over the past year. I pray that as you read about what God has done in my life it causes you to stop and reflect on events that some may consider just coincidental with a new appreciation.

April 26, 2010 was a beautiful spring Monday morning. It started as usual with a quick breakfast bar and a short trip to my office. I’m a nurse practitioner at a cancer center treating those going through breast cancer. I work with a physician on Monday mornings and typically do not see my own patients. This particular day I was surprised to see that a patient was scheduled to see me at 10:00AM. The morning was moving along and my patient was roomed right on time. It was 9:58AM. I reviewed her records and was ready to enter the room when my pager went off. The number was my husband’s cell phone (he NEVER calls me at work) so I quickly returned the call. Greg answered on the 2nd ring, I could tell his voice was shaken – he told me that he had just lost his job. I was in shock after 32 years of dedicated service it was over in a moment. He calmly said, “Lori, I have peace – I don’t know what the future holds but we will be OK”. I couldn’t move. I gathered my thoughts and walked into my patient’s room; before I could speak she asked if everything was alright. I couldn’t answer. She took my hands and started praying – we had never spoken about faith!
She said that she had tried to schedule an appointment for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when I normally see patients but the scheduler insisted that the only time available was Monday at 10:00AM.

Coincidence, I don’t think so! She told me that she was supposed to be there at that specific time to pray and lift up my husband and my family – she said, “there is a purpose to every situation – God is in control”.
She left the clinic and I shook at the power of God in our daily lives. That precious Christian was there to help ME see the love of God in the middle of a life-changing storm.
Nothing accidentally!


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not Accidentally Tuesday - A 9 year olds violin and Gods mercy

Psalms 145:9
The Lord is good to everyone.  He showers compassion to all His creation.

  It was 1957 and I was 9.   My Dad bought me a violin and started me in violin lessons in elementary school.  I really didn't practice like I should and I was a very shy and introverted child.

We had a cabin at a lake and my parents had helped start a small church.  It began as a "brush arbor".
Here is a picture my cousin found of it a few months ago.
My Uncle Bill convinced me to play a hymn at the Sunday morning service.  I hadn't been playing very long and was PETRIFIED.    I agreed and took my violin and was practicing in the vacant lot next to our cabin on Saturday.
ALL OF A SUDDEN two of the strings broke in the middle--no way to restring them.
Was this a coinsidence or GODS way of showing mercy and sparring me of embarrasement. I choose to believe the latter.
I played in the orchestra (or played at it) until I was around 13.  I really wish I would have siezed the opportunity to learn well but sometimes chidren have their own ideas.
I've been thinking about taking lessons again-I guess it's never too late.
Hopefully you enjoy my story of yesteryear.

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